Easy Simple Estate Planning

Estate planning is a necessity that we often do not want to face. It is wrought with emotion, uncertainty, and difficult decisions. We must make choices that will affect the rest of our lives and the lives of our loved ones for years to come. We understand the gravity, stress, and fear that comes with these difficult tasks.

If these challenges are not difficult enough, they are only made worse by complex laws and preparation of documents. Every ‘t’ must be crossed and every ‘i’ dotted. But, unless you are an attorney, it is unrealistic to hope you will complete these documents on your own. After all, these determine your and your family’s future. Those are too precious to put at risk.

DIYwillmaker works dynamically to give you all you need to prepare your own will and other Estate Planning documents.

Proper estate planning is one of the most important things everyone should do. If you have not created the required documentation to ensure your estate is properly administered, you should act quickly. DIYwillmaker’s intuitive platform makes this process simple for those who:

  • Find that a Lawyer is out of their budget at the moment,
  • Want to be ready for anything the future brings,
  • Know of certain immediate dangers they face, or
  • Appreciate individual control over their affairs.

DIYwillmaker guides you step-by-step through relevant questions to create estate planning documentation unique to your needs. Rather than leave you in the dark with blank forms, DIYwillmaker operates through a simple process that only takes your circumstances into account. We avoid all unnecessary complex issues and complicated questions that only confuse your affairs.

DIYwillmaker helps you prepare:

  • A will,
  • Powers of attorney (both general and enduring),
  • Your enduring guardian, and
  • Advanced health care directives.

These documents are the fundamental to your Estate Planning. Your will gives instructions on how to distribute your estate. Powers of attorney give critical instructions to your attorney on managing your finances or other matters when you cannot. Your enduring guardian provides your wishes for lifestyle decisions when you cannot make those decisions yourself. And your advanced care directive informs your health care providers of your medical requests.

DIYwillmaker’s services are never complicated. We translate complex law into language that makes sense. Each step of your estate planning creation is generated according to your answers, focusing only on you.

Our Advanced Care Directives are always FREE. If you would like to see how DIYwillmaker makes form filling easy place an ADC in your shopping basket now. On checkout use a valid email so that your completed ADC is sent to you in it’s final form.

For a nominal fee, enlist one of our qualified reviewing Lawyers to ensure accuracy and legal effect.

COVID-19 Legislation in NSW allows us to witness your signature and provide certificates by use of Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or other technology.