Do It Yourself Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be a mysterious and complex area but we aim to break it down and provide you with some simple tools to get you started on your own estate plan.

The Estate Plan is essentially a plan to deal with your assets on the happening of an event.

Your Estate encompasses all your assets and interests including real estate, personal property, insurance and superannuation interests, business interests, shares and beneficial interests.

The ‘event’ is not only your passing, but also the event of losing capacity to manage your affairs either through injury, illness, disease or other. Losing capacity is not something we want to happen but by being prudent we can avoid the problems that arise if that event were to happen.

The main tools to deal with these events are the will, the powers of attorney, both general and enduring, and the enduring guardion. The will gives instructions to your executor how to distribute your estate; the powers of attorney gives instructions to your attorney on how to manage your financial affairs when you are unable to; and the enduring guardian gives instructions to your guardian on lifestyle choices when you are unable to.

A General Power of Attorney operates for a limited time such as while you are overseas, whereas an Enduring Power of Attorney commences when you have lost capacity to manage your financial affairs and continues, or endures, while you have lost that capacity.

We now provide simplified forms for the NSW General and Enduring Powers of Attorney and the NSW Enduring Guardian. Powers of Attorney and Guardianship forms for all other Australian States will be released soon. 

Our  DIY will form suitable for all Australian residents with simple estate needs.

Unlike many competitors our forms are not simply copies from the internet that can only be handwritten. Nor are they the mind boggling forms from the Courts. 

Our forms have been carefully crafted by lawyers, are fully compliant with legislation and are set out in a much clearer and simpler fashion with help when you need it. 

As a one time opportunity, the first 50 customers will receive lifetime access to our site, which means they can review, update and change their will at any time in the future for free.

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s quick, it’s peace of mind.

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We do not check your completed forms for accuracy, validity or legal effect but if you wish, for a small additional fee, we will have a qualified lawyer will review the form for your peace of mind.

By using this service you acknowledge that you are not receiving legal advice and no legal advice has been given. If you have any doubts or questions about the nature of effect of the forms you should seek advice from a lawyer.

When registering simply select the document you wish, checkout and you will be automatically taken to the form. After completing the required form information your form will be instantly available for download and will be emailed to you with further instructions.

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