Welcome to the new Online Will Maker.

Not everyone needs a will but it is certainly a good idea for most. A will is perhaps one of the most important documents someone can create in their lifetime. It gives instructions to the person of your choice how they will deal with your possessions when you have departed.

People want to know that their possessions will go to the person or people they believe will benefit and cherish the gifts the most. You have that choice and by making a valid will you put in place a process where you choices will be honored.

It is not always necessary to seek the help of a lawyer to prepare your own will. Many people opt to use will kits commonly available from retail places like newsagents. If these kits are completed correctly they can be as valid as a will prepared by a lawyer.

When making a will there are a few special names that are referred to in the will, they are: The Testator, who is the person making the will and signs at the end; The Executor/s who are the people who are responsible for carrying out your wishes, and; The Beneficiaries, those who will receive your gifts. For more details check our Glossary page.

We now provide you the opportunity to draft your will online following our easy and simple steps. Along the way we give you hints and instructions for you to complete the will. When you have finished you can view the will and either go back and make changes or hit the submit button. After submitting we automatically send you the completed will for you to sign.

We do not check your completed will for accuracy, validity or legal effect but if you wish, for a small additional fee, we will have a qualified lawyer will review the will for your peace of mind.

The Will maker is suitable for people with simple estates with no more than four beneficiaries and no more than two executors. Beneficiaries must be individuals living people, not charities, companies, trust or other entities. Gifts can be given in equal shares to all beneficiaries or as individualized gifts.

By using this service you acknowledge that you are not receiving legal advice and no legal advice has been given. If you have any doubts or questions about making a will, or the the types of gifts you are able to give, or who you can give these gifts to you should seek advice from a lawyer.

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s quick so get started now.