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Simple Will Form

$9.00 ex GST

Your will is your most important instrument to leave your estate to your loved ones. Our DIY will is simple and easy to complete and arrives to you, with instructions, in a form that is recognised by all Australian States and can be admitted to probate where and when necessary.


Making a will can be a reasonably simple procedure. It can be as simple as choosing an executor (or several) to administer your estate, and a beneficiary (one or more) to give your estate to.

Our  DIY will form suitable for all Australian residents with simple estate needs. We provide for up to 4 executors and up to 8 beneficiaries with multiple gifts including provisions for guardians for young children when required.

When we say ‘simple estates’ we mean estates that are to be passed to beneficiaries that do not involve complex issues such as testamentary trusts, life interests or other complex arrangements. For this we recommend you contact us to discuss your particular needs. Please see the glossary for further details about superannuation and capital gains tax issues.

The will form is suitable to pass gifts such as houses, cars, boats, shares in listed companies, jewellery, artworks, collections and other tangible property. If you wish to leave a gift to a charity you should ensure that the charity is registered and give correct details of the name and address of the charity.

You should specify with precision exactly what you intend to give and be certain that you have complete ownership of the property. You cannot pass jointly owned property.

The will form has been carefully crafted by experienced lawyers to ensure your testamentary intentions will be valid, assuming of course the will has been properly signed by you, the gifts are available to be given and the will is not the subject of challenge by an aggrieved person.

We provide you with instructions for the proper execution of your will, but if you have any concerns that your wishes may be challenged we suggest you for further information.

Our will form is easy, it’s simple, it’s quick and it can give you peace of mind.

Please note the picture is not indicative of the final product.